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Takeaways From This Week's NDAA Summer Summit in Virginia Beach

Diversion Programs offered by CorrectiveSolutions include full case management, drug testing, and electronic monitoring

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s NDAA Summer Summit this week (July 18-20). While it was great to be back in person at a prosecutor conference, it was also a pleasure to see so many new faces and meet some great people with a renewed energy after 18 months of virtual conferences and zoom meetings during the pandemic.

What the conference showed me is there is a clear desire for the NDAA and its prosecutorial members to stay at the cutting edge of criminal justice innovations and take creative, out of the box approaches for the benefits of their respective communities. NDAA members are more data driven than ever and are prepared to apply pragmatic solutions to very real and complicated problems facing offenders and communities alike.

As always, resource allocation and budget cuts are ever-present for most prosecutors, and it begs the question “what is the most effective way we can spend our resources?” For some offices, it means they are too understaffed to manage the diversion programs that they want and need. For others, it may mean having diversion program that lacks coordination, compliance or accountability, and there are just not enough resources to provide a complete high-quality package.

All said, it was nice to be at this conference to share our suite of diversion services and show that we are a cost-effective resource for many prosecutors to beef up their existing programs, or develop and expand to new areas. I was excited that our message resonated with so many at the conference, and I look forward to continuing the discussion with those I spoke to in the next weeks to come. Improving and expanding diversion programs was clearly one of the key messages of the conference, and it is a goal that we share at CorrectiveSolutions.

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If you would like to start a discussion about the diversion program solutions we offer, or if you were an attendee at this year's NDAA Summer Summit and weren't able to connect with Thomas, please feel free to do so using the information below or via our contact us page.


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