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Utilizing our extensive experience in program transitions, startups, and administration, our approach is to maintain constant contact with participants via manual and automatic reminders by text, email, phone calls, and in-person meetings, documenting case activities that are accessible to you in real time through our proprietary specialized case management system, and staying ahead of the curve with unmatched industrywide partnerships with equipment and supply vendors.


Behavioral change classes are a cornerstone of our diversion programs, offering evidence-based techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to ensure genuine accountability and remorse from offenders


Historically, almost every prosecutor sends cases through pre-trial diversion on an individual basis.  A structured diversion program administered by a professional third party ensures that your diversion cases are consistently applied, and that everyone goes through the exact same process to get the same result.  If a defendant successfully completes the program, the charges are dismissed.  If not, the defendant comes out of the program and you proceed with the case. 


Typical conditions include community service, drug testing, and/or some type of behavioral change classes.  Coordinating these components and ensuring that they are completed timely is both time consuming and resource draining.  With CorrectiveSolutions, you get complete case notes, follow-up, and documentation that each program condition has been completed faithfully. You can also access each case in real-time with SnapView, ensuring total transparency and accountability.


You have full discretion of defendant eligibility, based solely on the needs of your office your constituency. Contact us for typical eligibility and ineligibility parameters used in different programs. 


Criminal justice and law enforcement has changed dramatically in the last decade.   Courts, prosecutors, and law enforcement are seeking solutions to a greater push for alternatives to criminal charges, jail, and incarceration to keep up in modern times.  Diversion and monitoring administration helps agencies keep track of participants and ensure that accountability and enforcement remains an important cornerstone of law enforcement and justice.  However, the administration of these programs can be complicated, time consuming, and without tremendous resources, often unaccountable and ineffective.  

At CorrectiveSolutions, we work with probation, courts, prosecutors, and law and justice groups to provide high quality and successful diversion and monitoring programs.  Our team provides custom solutions and experience to help our clients reduce their workload, increase accountability, and expand their diversion and jail alternatives without sacrificing accountability, oversight or transparency.

Our staff are trained professionals, whether they are case managers that work directly with offenders, or are licensed therapists administering our behavioral change classes
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