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CorrectiveSolutions Adds GPS Monitoring to Tucson City Probation Program

In March 2018, CorrectiveSolutions began administering Probation Monitoring for Tucson City Court. The contract was awarded to CorrectiveSolutions after an extensive bid process by The City of Tucson Procurement Department and Tucson City Court Administration.

Thanks to the quality services provided by our Tucson team and the case management support from our headquarters, the Tucson DV Court reached out to surrounding counties to recommend CorrectiveSolutions and our services. As a result of that recommendation, we were invited to present CorrectiveSolutions and our services to the City of Scottsdale Domestic Violence Council. This group included judges, prosecutors, public defenders, probation, and community organizations.

The city of Tucson has decided, based in large part to our excellent services, to add GPS Monitoring as part of their current program. We are proud to bring this valuable service to Tucson, and anticipate continuing our partnership with them for years to come!


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