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The CorrectiveSolutions Monitored Probation Program for Tucson City Court in Tucson, AZ

In March 2018, CorrectiveSolutions began to administer the Monitored Probation Program for Tucson City Court. The court refers cases by process of a defendant accepting a Plea Agreement of being monitored by CorrectiveSolutions, or by being found guilty by a judge or jury and being sentenced to monitored probation. Once the defendant reports to CorrectiveSolutions, we complete an intake process where they are informed of the conditions of probation and the required evaluations, treatment and payments on fines, monitoring fee and restitution.

The average sentence placed on a defendant is 12 months of monitored probation. About 95% of the referred cases for monitored probation tend to be Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Domestic Violence (DV). Other offenses include shoplifting, drug related charges and a miniscule number of lewd conduct cases.

The CorrectiveSolutions Tucson Office will see defendants at least once a month. Prior to COVID, most of the appointments were in-person. Now, most appointments are via telephone or Zoom. Case managers also attend revocation hearings where a defendant can face additional fines and/or jail time. Another role for CorrectiveSolutions in the probation process is to work closely with the Prosecutor and Defense Attorneys in order to help defendants accomplish all the requirements of the Court.

Meet our Tucson Office Staff!

Jose Ramos

Jose has been with CorrectiveSolutions since March 2018 and brings about 20 years of experience in the Criminal Justice field. He has been commended by Tucson City Court Judges on his professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond to help a defendant complete the terms of their probation.

Julia has been at CorrectiveSolutions only for a short while, but has been integral for the Diversion Program success at our Tucson office

Julia Loreto

Julia holds a B.A. In Criminal Justice. She has previously worked as a 9-1-1 Operator and has a vast background in providing excellent customer service experience.


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