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CorrectiveSolutions Gives Prosecutor-Led Diversion Program Options Tailored To Each Jurisdiction

CorrectiveSolutions has an entire suite of services that can bring opportunities to jurisdictions finding themselves overwhelmed with incoming lower-level cases, or in some cases, a backlog of old cases waiting to be processed.

In order to help prosecuting attorneys' offices cope with this need, we can manage each case and its conditions, including Diversion Requirements such as Behavioral Change Classes, Drug Testing, Community Service, Victim Restitution, Interactive Journals, Victim Impact Statements, Letters of Apology, and GPS Monitoring, .

Holding these lower-level defendants accountable for their actions shouldn't come at the cost of more serious, violent crimes not getting the attention they need. When your office is feeling overwhelmed and lacks adequate resources to keep up, contact us to see how we can customize a program for your jurisdiction.


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