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Check Out Our Behavioral Change Classes!

our Diversion Programs give defendants a real sense of accountability with the help of our behavioral change courses

A huge part of our diversion program administration service is our community accountability courses, which are administered LIVE via Zoom by professional instructors who administer evidence-based cognitive behavioral change curriculum. Our classes cover a wide range of available topics that the overwhelming majority of participants we surveyed consider an "eye-opening experience" due to both the relevancy of the material to the charges and the real feelings of accountability our courses invoke.


Each class is 4.5 hours long and builds accountability through an evidence-based cognitive behavioral change curriculum. Our courses cover a wide array of topics such as Community Responsibility, Financial Accountability, Substance Use/Abuse, Responsible Parenting, Anger Management, Responsible Driving, and more! In addition, we offer juvenile-specific topics such as Sexting (Relationships and Communication), Bullying (Victim Awareness), Petty Theft, and Vandalism.


A facilitator monitors participants at all times to ensure they remain in front of their device's camera.

NOTE: We protect the anonymity of our participants. Instructors are the only ones who see participants on camera. Participants cannot see other participants.


Poll questions and "passwords" are introduced at various times throughout each course, ensuring each participant is not only present, but paying attention. To get course credit, each poll must be answered and each password must be provided to the instructor.

Learn More and Get Started!

For a description of our courses, visit or download a PDF of our course catalogue.


For questions or more information, visit our contact us page or contact Thomas Jonsson directly using the information below!


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