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Reactions From Our Diversion Program Class Participants

A significant portion of our diversion program administration features LIVE interactive behavioral change classes. Covering a wide array of topics, such as community accountability, safe driving, substance possession/use, anger management, petty theft, and even classes for minors, our curriculum guides our participants to make better choices for themselves and their communities. Addressing root causes, from circumstances born from poor life choices to struggling with impulse control, our participants interact directly with our professional instructors via interactive webinars. These instructors specialize in conveying a real sense of personal accountability while also providing proven cognitive behavioral techniques and other tools that lead to better mental health, better decisions, and ultimately being responsible, law-abiding citizens. Not only have 82% of surveyed participants said their program was helpful and informative for their situation, 60% went on to say that the class was truly an eye opening experience!

Accountability is a cornerstone for any diversion program. Check out our current class offerings below:

Contact Us

If you would like to start a discussion about the diversion program solutions we offer, or have questions about the behavioral change classes offered throughout our diversion program administration process, please feel free to do so using the information below or via our contact us page.


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