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ACCESS Diversion: A Solution for Small Jurisdictions

Diversion Programs for small jurisdictions

In our conversations with prosecutors from small offices, many have voiced their frustrations about the lack of viable options for offering diversion in their jurisdiction. They acknowledge the merits of a quality diversion program, but as a small jurisdiction, they face challenges not experienced by their colleagues in large metropolitan offices.

Prosecutors in small jurisdictions have shared the biggest obstacles they face when trying to offer diversion, such as:

Limited Staff Resources

Most offices cannot dedicate the necessary staff resources to effectively manage a diversion program.

Lack of Community Partners

Most small communities simply do not have local partners that are able to consistently deliver services appropriate for criminal diversion programs.

No Means to Consistently Track and Verify Offender Compliance

The best diversion programs incorporate case management to ensure offender accountability and to encourage defendants in their efforts to comply with the terms of the diversion offer.

Inconsistent Reporting

Most smaller offices do not have the time or the systems in place to track and compile program statistics.

ACCESS Diversion — Designed for Small Jurisdictions

As a leader in diversion program development with over 30 years of experience administering diversion programs, CorrectiveSolutions recognized the need to develop a sustainable diversion solution tailored specifically for the challenges facing small jurisdictions. The result of that initiative is ACCESS Diversion on Demand.

CorrectiveSolutions’ ACCESS Diversion is the same high quality, high touch diversion program as those administered for large jurisdiction, but delivered in a way that makes it an easy-to-use and a sustainable solution for small offices.

ACCESS Diversion features

Person-to-Person Case Management

Our staff of case managers regularly check in with diversion participants to ensure accountability and increase compliance. Additionally, reminders via email and text help offenders keep on track with their commitments like attending classes, making restitution payments, and covering program costs.

LIVE Behavioral Change Classes via Interactive Webinars

Classes are facilitated online LIVE by professional counselors with advanced degrees and who are skilled at creating dynamic engagement with class participant. CorrectiveSolutions offers a variety of classes that are appropriate for most misdemeanor and low-level felony cases like theft, alcohol and drug related offenses, vandalism, assault, financial crimes, etc. We recently surveyed our participants, and were pleased to confirm they found the classes to be an eye-opening experience.

Consistent and Comprehensive Reporting of Program Statistics and Offender Compliance

CorrectiveSolutions provides a variety of reports on a consistent schedule with case status, as well as program statistics including participation and compliance rates.

Real-Time Case Status

CorrectiveSolutions’ proprietary SnapView App allows authorized staff to access digital case files and view case status in real-time. The digital case files contain documentation of every interaction with that offender like case manager notes and include digital images of all referral documents, program notices, drug tests, proof of completion of community service etc.

Assign Conditions Based on the Circumstances of the Case

ACCESS Diversion includes the option of ordering a range of conditions for eligible offenders on a case-by-case basis. Conditions include behavior change class(es), community service, drug and alcohol testing, restitution, and apology letters to victims.

ACCESS Diversion Benefits for Small Jurisdictions

Increased Offender Accountability

Consistent follow-up and support from CorrectiveSolutions’ case managers increases offender compliance.

No Minimum Number of Referrals Required to Maintain a Sustainable Program

Use the program only when it is needed.

Available on Demand

Make referrals on a case-by-case basis when you feel diversion is the best resolution for a case.

Easy Referral Process

Cases can be referred online or by completing a referral form and emailing it to CorrectiveSolutions.

Minimal Staff Time Needed

The referral form is straightforward and takes only minutes to complete.

Complete Transparency and Access to Real-Time Status Updates

Every action by CorrectiveSolutions is documented and available for authorized staff to review to give you confidence you are working with a trusted partner.

Get Started Today!

For more information how CorrectiveSolutions ACCESS Diversion can benefit your office and give you the ability to offer a high-quality diversion program, visit our contact us page or reach out to Thomas Jonsson directly using the information below.


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