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Introducing SnapView: Real-Time Mobile Case Access!

Diversion Programs offered by CorrectiveSolutions include full case management, drug testing, and electronic monitoring

We recently surveyed District Attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys to see what they needed as part of their diversion program, and real-time mobile access to their cases was by far the number one answer. In order to capture the most efficient way to check and manage a diversion caseload, make sure that your diversion administrator, whether in house or outsourced, provides real time case updates accessible when you need it the most.

One of the most important goals of having a diversion program resource efficiency.¹ Having real time access to the status of a diversion case can mean the difference between spending a moment on a case, or spending a whole afternoon tracking down what has and has not been completed in your caseload. Instantly knowing whether the case is complete, failed, or in progress can prevent unnecessary status conferences, needless follow-up, and more court dates. Or it can simply mean that you are the most prepared you can be in court and able to check in real time the status of a case when the participant claims to be complete.

With SnapView, you’ll have up to the minute information accessible 24/7 from any desktop OR mobile device at any time at no extra cost. SnapView gives you access to case notes, documents, case status, deadlines, and correspondence at your fingertips.

Even if you’re not a CorrectiveSolutions’ diversion partner, you can experience how quickly and easily you can pull up whatever it is you’re looking for about any case in your jurisdiction. Just e-mail today and we’ll send you a sample jurisdiction to demo.

While you’re waiting to be given access, you’ll need to install SnapView on your phone or tablet. Follow the link for your IOS/Android device below or scan a QR code.

Contact Us

For any questions, or if you would like to speak to us about becoming a CorrectiveSolutions Diversion Program partner, contact Thomas Jonsson.

¹Prosecutor-Led Diversion: A National Survey, Michaela Lowry and Ashmini Kerodal, Center for Court Innovation, March 2019


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