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Diversion Program Contract Renewal With San Bernardino County

On October 5, 2021, San Bernardino County exercised its option to extend the term of their contract with CorrectiveSolutions. We have been managing San Bernardino County’s misdemeanor diversion program (Called "RISE") since its inception in 2015, and was awarded the contract again in 2018.

About the Program:

The RISE program allows certain first-time criminal offenders to complete a tailored education program designed to modify behavior instead of having criminal charges prosecuted in court. The misdemeanor diversion program is approximately four months in length and includes a general community accountability class with a crime-specific education component such as substance abuse, anger management, parenting, or theft/shoplifting. If the eligible offender successfully completes the misdemeanor diversion program, the District Attorney agrees to dismiss the charges. If an eligible offender declines the program or fails to complete it, then criminal charges will be prosecuted.

The program fee is $380, to be paid by each eligible participant not including additional services such as drug testing, alcohol monitoring, or supplemental classes.

The assessment of program fees is based on the participant’s ability to pay. Participants who have either no ability or a partial ability to pay the program fees are subsidized. CorrectiveSolutions administers the program fee assistance fund based on criteria established and approved by the Law Justice Group (Group).

Let Us Administer Your Diversion Program

If you would like to begin a discussion about how CorrectiveSolutions can tailor a diversion program that meets the needs of your jurisdiction, visit our contact us page or contact Thomas Jonsson using the information below.


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