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Responsible Gun Ownership is Taught in Our New Online Course!

As an exciting new addition to our Behavioral Change Classes, the Responsible Gun Ownership Class is designed to not only review and reinforce best gun safety practices, but also to create greater self-awareness for responsible gun ownership and your personal relationship with your firearm to prevent misuse or accidents.

This LIVE, interactive 4.5 hour course is accessible with any computer/smartphone/tablet and an internet connection that can support video conferencing, as regular video participation with instructors is required. While attendees will review basic firearm safety, the curriculum further focuses on the psychology and approach to being a responsible gun owner, establishing and protecting your personal priorities, creating a Preventative Loss Plan for being a responsible gun owner, and minimizing your risks in the context of use, storage, and transportation of firearms. It's important to note this course is not a replacement for practical, hands-on training

This course will challenge the participants belief systems of gun ownership while reinforcing:

  • Gun safety is a life-long pursuit

  • Ownership should never be taken lightly as consequences are severe and irreversible

  • Frequent and repetitive training with a qualified instructor is crucial to responsible gun ownership

Additionally, this course utilizes the best practices in developing a psychological approach to gun ownership mastery. Participants will learn how to utilize emotional responsibility and mastery by managing their emotional and mental state, understanding emotions such as fear and anger, and learn practical techniques to immediately shift their emotions with evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques.

Participants will be taught the 4 universal laws of firearm safety, as well as the 12 rules for safe gun handling, and will identify the risks associated with their current practices and/or misuse. Participants will additionally evaluate what is currently at risk based on their assessment by creating the following:

  1. A personal mission statement for the purpose of their firearms

  2. A vision for the presence and use of firearms in their personal environment

  3. A vision for how they will continue to seek ongoing training.

Participants will write a responsibility statement for their firearm to themselves, their loved ones, their community, and to the greater good, as well create an immediate short-term and long-term plan for their firearm practices.

Learn More and Get Started!

If you would like to add a responsible gun ownership course to your current diversion program, or if you would like to schedule a sit-in on a real class, contact Thomas Jonsson using the information below!


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