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SnapView™ Gives You Real-Time Mobile Case Access!

CorrectiveSolutions provides real-time case updates accessible when you need it the most with SnapView and the mobile app. Having real time access to the status of a diversion case can mean the difference between spending a moment catching up on a case, or spending an afternoon tracking down case details. In addition, instantly knowing whether the case is complete or in progress can prevent unnecessary status conferences, needless follow-up, and more court dates.

With SnapView, you’ll have full 24/7 access to any case managed by CorrectiveSolutions, whether from a desktop or mobile device, and at no extra cost. Easily view case notes, documentation, case status, deadlines, and correspondence for any case, whether you're in the office or the courtroom.

Even if you’re not a CorrectiveSolutions’ diversion partner, you can see Snapview in action for yourself! See how it works in a short video, or if you'd like to demo the program with a sample jurisdiction, simply e-mail today and we’ll get you started.

While you’re waiting to be sent access credentials, feel free to install SnapView on your mobile device in order to get the full experience across the board. Follow the link for your IOS/Android device below or scan a QR code.

Contact Us

For any questions, or if you would like to speak to us about becoming a CorrectiveSolutions Diversion Program partner, contact Thomas Jonsson.


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