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We've Expanded Drug Screening to All of Orange County

Orange County Drug Testing Has Never Been So Accessible

In addition to our long history fulfilling court-ordered drug testing, we have expanded our drug testing services to include employment, DOT testing and on-demand drug screening. If you need to test new/existing employees and want an intuitive interface to schedule fixed/random testing with the convenience of multiple area locations, we have what you're looking for! Do you need to test for yourself to fulfill Federal Requirements from the DOT, FTA, FRA, et al? We have you covered! If you are a concerned parent who wants to test your teenager(s), just accompany them to one of our area locations for a drug test with instant results!

While employers will need to set up an account to schedule their employees, anybody else may simply walk in to one of our Orange County offices. Because our specialization is in drug screening and not medical services, such as physicals and workers comp exams, we offer fast service even for walk-ins. That means you don’t have to spend valuable time waiting for the next patient to be called; just walk in, get drug tested with results in-hand, and get back to your busy schedule in around 15-30 minutes!

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